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Lord I ask Your healing grace in this situation. Lord I know even when we think the light is soooo dim, You are there in that darkness. May tlsonia turn to You Father during this time. Lord she is humbling herself before You. Grant her mercy Lord. She is willing to take responsibility for her actions Father. Give her direction on the way to go in this. Grant wisdom and discernment. Put others along side her to guide her in the way to go. Lord pave a way for her to bridge the gap that has been caused with her grandparents. I am sure that they are hurt by this. BUT Lord it also sounds like they love her so much too. Help the shame to not supercede her relationship with them. May the price that needs to be paid not be to great to bear for Lord You paid the greatest price of all for us! Thank You Lord for hearing this prayer and answering it. Amen

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