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Dear Jesus I thank you for this girl at least asking for help. I realize in this time, that it was you that prompted her to ask for help. I come to you Dear Jesus in behalf of this girl, this child of yours. It is as plain to me as the nose on my face what the problem is, or {who the problem is}. Why would anyone want to give up on you. Or why would anyone want to not care and not read your word. The problem is as clear as day, the devil has a hold on this girl and he is telling her not to read your word. He is telling her that she doesn’t need you. In the mighty name of JESUS I come against this enemy of life, this liar, this thief, that is telling this girl that she doesn’t need you or your word. I plead your word in “James 10:18, you saw the Devil already defeated. This girl is a child of God, the devil has no power over her. She shall tread on the serpent and it shall not harm her. In the name of Jesus Christ, this girl will have an unquenchable thirst for your word. The enemy shall leave her and return no more. There is nothing wrong with this girl, and she may not have known how to ask for help, but you did. And you led her here to get it. Let this girl see that if she takes one step, you will take two. Just hand this problem over to the Lord and get out of his way. He will clean your house. I place a hedge around this girl in the name of Jesus, that the devil can not cross. I stand with her for the answer to this prayer. And I thank you dear Jesus, for it is already done. All that is left is for her to except it and pick up that Bible and read it. The devil will soon flea. In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen.

Don’t believe the lies that Satan is telling you. You get into that word and read. Doesn’t matter if you feel like it or not. I’m sure you’ve done things before that you didn’t want to do. Believe God, not the devil. The devil has already lost this battle. Jesus died for you because you are worth it to him. Don’t let the devil take what God has already done for you. If you need someone to help, I’m here vickie1957@praize.com

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