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Well I haven’t read what the others have said yet…but…I think rather than ‘another half’..it’s important for two whole people to come together. Also I totally agree with ‘not settling’…we need to wait for GOD’s BEST! I think Dr. Dobson said it best….marry the one you can’t live without.

Great post Shuttermonk…you show alot of maturity!!!

With reference to waiting, I added a little blurb that I was pondering awhile back.

I think it was Greg Laurie the other night night speaking and He said something that got me thinking, he said “be patient with GOD’s purposes”………woe!!!! That started the ball rolling….I came home and couldn’t get that thought off of my mind. The more I thought about being patient with God the more love for God started rushing over me! God is sooo very patient with us.

As I was dwelling on this thought again the next day I began to feel the heartbeat of GOD. I could hear His voice saying”…but you don’t understand!” You see, in waiting on GOD I’ve been absolutely dumbfounded, frustrated and down right angry! (oh……am I the only one that does that out there???)

A pastor I know, once said “GOD is big enough for us to be angry with HIM”. I personally think God wants us to be real with HIM…He is so very real with us..think about Jesus walking the face of the earth!!! anyway He already knows what we’re about and He so graciously shows US……well He’s been showing me who I really am…. and I have to admit I don’t always like what I see..but He doesn’t show us to chastise us …he wants to make us more like JESUS…that same pastor also said …God loves us so much..He accepts us the way we are but He loves too much to leave us that way..Hallejuah!!! …sorry for the digression)

Anyway, then the BIBLE verse came to me today….He is longsuffering not wishing any would perish but that all would come to repentance…not sure how that ties in but could it be that while we are waiting on GOD for a particular thing in our life there is a higher purpose …. something so much bigger than us. After all His ways are not like our ways they are higher in purpose and perspective. Our ways are earthly..that is the realm where we live day after day. But, He lets us walk in those high places and “see” with eyes of faith.

You know GOD could change things in a moment but we must wait because He has greater purpose than we can see!!! So as I was encouraged …I encourage you to keep walking, keep trusting and keep waiting

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