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Celtic, I am always happy to see someone else from Japan so I don’t want to disagree with you at all. As for the word “pagan” that is a word a religious group has designated for themselves. The first time I saw someone declare themself a “pagan”, I was alarmed. From the Bible it is a very bad connotation, but if that is what someone wants to be called, I think it would be an insult not to oblige them. So I am only calling them what they have asked to be called. I would not want to be called a witch either but some people take pride in being called that as well.

You said, ” Christianity is not based upon any book Paisley.”, but for me it is. I can see God in creation, and I can feel His guidance in prayer, but the only way I can truly understand in my human capacity the way God thinks and the life He desires for me to live is by reading the Bible. Of course, you are right that Christianity is based on Jesus, but would you not agree that God gave us that book to know how to live as Christians? and even those who do not have a Bible, they learn about Christianity based on others telling them what the Bible says. Without the Bible anything could be done in the name of Christianty. Don’t you agree? The Bible is like our anchor so if someone starts to go off on some tangent in the name of Christianity, we can pull them back in and say “wait a minute look what the Bible says before you do that”. It keeps us accountable to God’s standard of living. Personally, I base everything I believe (in regards to God) on the Bible. I can not imagine any other way.

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