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Allow me to clarify what I wrote. A true Christian does only get our beliefs from the Bible. The belief in Jesus’s birth comes from the Bible as well as the belief in His resurrection. People decided they wanted to celebrate His birthday so we celebrate Christmas. One can argue that Dec. 25th is not His real birthday, but I don’t think that was the point. The point was just to set aside a day to commemorate Him for what He did for us. I can guarantee you the pagens did not start the celebration of Christ’s birth. The few pagens I know all despise Christ so I seriously doubt they would be the ones to say “hey let’s celebrate His birth”. If you are referring to Santa Clause, that is cultural rather than of Christian heritage. Personally, I don’t celebrate Santa Clause. As for Easter, it is mentioned in Acts 12:4 KJV (the people that don’t read the KJV will disagree with this, but one thing is for sure and that is this is one of the oldest Bibles and from that long ago, people were evidently celebrating Easter), but again this was the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. It was not the celebration of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny is not from the Bible, but the Resurrection is. The Easter Bunny is a cultural thing that very well may have pagen orgins, but Easter itself from a purely Christian viewpoint is not about the Easter bunny. Sometimes Christians in a particular culture mix their culture with their beliefs, but that is only represented in that culture. For example, here in Japan, the Christians do not mix Santa Clause and Easter Bunnies with the religion but you will see other aspects of Japanese culture mixed in with the Christians that you don’t see in America or other countries. So when you don’t see Christians all over the world believing the same Santa Clause, you know it is cultural rather than Christian based. God warned in the OT not to mix foreign culture with religion, but humans do it anyway. Nevertheless, Christmas for a Christian is about the birth of Christ. Easter for a Christian is about the resurrection of Christ. These are only TWO out of countless things in Christianity that people really say have pagen origins. So definitly “no” to ” Christians nicked MOST of what they believe from pagans”. We believe in the Bible. The pagens do not. Our beliefs come purely from the Bible not pagens.

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