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BRAVO, exwitchoz, BRAVO!! And I thought only Messianics got that!

To answer the original question,… yes, many christians have adopted pagan practices and have dismissed the statutes, decrees and laws of God. Deut 12: 30-32 And in the NT Yeshua(Jesus) says that He didn’t come to do away with the law but to fulfill the law. That would be the sacrificial laws, by being our ultimate sacrificial lamb. The Lord’s Shabbat(Sabbath, which is commanded no less than 12 times throughout the giving of the laws, its NOT Jewish, its Godly!)is not observed by most Christians, the feasts have been omitted by the Christian church( that the gentiles don’t have to follow God’s instructions for His chosen people,- aren’t we adopted into God’s family(mishpacha)? aren’t we supposed to take on the characteristics of that family, not the other way around? its NOT Jewish, its Godly!), tithing is denied by mosteveryone(only about 20% give only 10%, again, its Godly),…just to name a few of the more well known ones. If we would follow the statutes, decrees and laws of GOD, as not the Jews but HE instructed, and not man’s traditions – then we really would be part of the chosen people of God. Of course we can’t and don’t need to hold to the sacrificial laws as Yeshua(Jesus) has taken care of that by sacrificing Himself for us and the fact that there is no Temple. Our salvation comes from Adonai(the Lord)and what He did on the cross, not from works…not from following HIS statutes, decrees and laws,…doing THAT is simply obedience. Our obedience pleases God and sets us apart from the world. Its not as “easy” as christianity, but it is much more fulfilling to know that you are doing it as God HIMSELF instructed, …then you wouldn’t have to worry about its origins, you would know. Baruch Ha Shem (Bless The Name)!

Numb 6:24-26


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