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I’m glad that you talked about “called their name Adam”. I was surprised when I had first read that with understanding. To me it was the God-given name in the place of the word humans. Being one with the Lord means obeying him and looking to be an example for others. That capacity depends on a person like how a member of a church could choose to be the person that brings in the lost sheep instead of being the preacher. Although the member of the church could be both.

In a physical method, one should abstain from any substance that is harmful to the body like how the high priest did in those days of the Israelites. You should also eat wisely and get exercise. One should feel pleased with oneself, but not too proud. One should never overdo looks because God looks at the soul.

Mentally, one should attempt to maintain a clear head and think on Christian and positively beneficial ideas, but not too much about one’s problems. Keep one’s self from doing or and watching and listening to things that would not be allowed in a worship service so as to train your mind a=s to how God wants you to be.

Spiritually, one should pray for His will and for the sake of others and attempt to follow the spiritual life of Jesus. Worship (singing and sometimes decent dancing) are also a part of the spiritual. Discussing about and looking for the new Heaven and earth would aid.

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