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Jessica N.

20 is very young to marry but I was 22 and things have worked out great so congrats! As for premarital counseling, I highly recommend it. My husband is Catholic and to be married in the church we were required to attend two days worth of classes covering everything from Domestic violence to money management. I thought the classes were worthwhile though I was nervous speaking directly with the priest (probably because I’m not Catholic) but we are still happily married ten years later so we did something right.

Advice from an “old married lady”:

1. Have a long engagement so you know each other very well.

2. Have realistic expectations. No one likes to hear this but, marriage is more about paying bills and running a household than passion.

3. Its OK to disagree but it’s never OK to disrespect.

4. Never marry anyone you have to “fix”. It won’t work.

5. Make time to have fun together.

Don’t sweat the counseling. Enjoy planning your wedding and again congratulations.

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