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Hi Jcgirlone,

Counselling is nothing to be nervous about my sister. It is meant to help prepare you and your fiance for marriage. Basically what the pastor will be telling you is things both of you need to do to make your marriage work.and the source will be the bible(God’s Word) He will be talking about such things such as communication,commitment,sincere,about how to use your finances etc.These are some of the things my Pastor taught at my counselling. He also taught us the kind of love languages.He ask us to write what we like and dislike about each other and he ask us about each other favorite color, dish etc,.for me it was a wonderful time though exciting but solemn.what made it solemn was when he asked me.,are you very sure that you love this man enough to choose to spend the rest of your life with him?He said divorce shouldnt ever be an option so be sure. And I was quiet for a time and answer yes.I learn a lot from the counselling and I hope that you learn alot to keep your marriage strong until Jesus come.I hope the nervousness have disappear.

By the way, when is the wedding?

Hope to hear from you soon.


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