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I pray for god to to supply all your needs. But sometimes I think, we need to thank god for what we have. You have your health, money from the sale of your house, your children and they aren’t sick. And be thankfull you have any car. I live in an old mobile home with cracked windows and saggy floors. My car is on its last leg and that one is in a cast. But thank god I have my husband. Who works for little more than min. wage. I have my health. And my little mobile home isn’t much, but thank god its good enough for “Jesus” to live here with me. It’s just the level of living that your used to. I was raised in a very modist home with lots of love and the bible. If you have somewhere to stay and people that love you, and you got Jesus in your heart. Then ya don’t need much more. After all Jesus did promise to supply all your needs. He didn’t however, promise to supply all your wants. I have a home that’s falling apart and a husband that makes peanuts. But I’m happy. Thank you lord for living with me in this mess. I work also, but make little more than my husband. If we had even one car payment, we wouldn’t be able to afford this mansion we live in. Most of the time we live on squash we have growing in our garden. Thank god for the squash. It fills our stomaches. Some times I think god lets things be taken away, so we learn to lean and depend more on him than on ourselves and others. I’ve also had nice houses and new cars and things. But they didn’t make my happy. Only god can make you truly happy. Wait on him, have faith and know that he has everything in controll. He won’t give ya more than ya can stand.

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