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God, you already know the end result of this situation. And, we trust You that it will be the appropriate ending for this family. We would like for everything with this job to go smoothly and for this family’s financial needs to be met quickly and efficiently, but we know that things don’t always work the way that we desire. Make this family totally dependent on You for everything that they need. Don’t allow them to put their trust in anything outside of You for their needs to be satisfied. If this job is your will, we know that you will accomplish it. If not, help these 3 kids and their mom and dad to realize the truth that YOU are still in control of their lives and that You are their supply. Let them say with all assurance- ‘YOU are everything I want and everything I need.’ Be a Rock of stability for them as we know you are, Lord. Keep them close in your arms and help them to remember that You are in control and that everything You do is for a purpose and for their good. Be their shepherd, their friend, and their teacher. We ask you to be the God that we know that you are in Jesus name.

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