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Dear Igali – I agree in prayer with you for God to supply all your needs. I lost my job a yr and a half ago but God just supplied me with one – I start a week from today. He took my wife and I to the wire but never let us down. Last month I used what money I had left to make a mortgage payment – no more was left to make the payments. At the end I just trusted God the best I could – saying Lord it is in your hands; If they foreclose on the house – what ever – I will serve you; never again will I turn my back on you. YOU ARE GOD AND I AM NOT. Within 2 weeks of spending the last of our funds he gave me a job (out of state) and a buyer for the house (low offer) – but its Gods plan not mine. It was very difficult but the whole experience was for a reason, which was to bring me back to him. He knows your situation he either planned or approved for it to happen. There is a reason – let go and let God work; ask him for insight – God bless, I know it isn’t easy.

Dear Heavenly Father, I praise you and worship you Lord. You are so loving and kind. I agree with Igali, Lord. We know that nothing can come upon us without your permission. There is a reason for these events – show Igali and her family or others what you want her and them to learn . Allow your Spirit Lord to comfort this family. Let their faith be strengthened and allow your perfect work be accomplished. Father open the doors for her husband to receive the job you have planned for him. Supply them with a place to live, a car and meet all their needs. Speak Lord to all your children aware of their circumstances to be in prayer and open up their hearts to their need. Thank you Lord in Jesus Name AMEN.

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