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I think of the time when Jesus forgave the women caught in adultry. He forgave her and told “Go and sin no more”. If your wife is able to do that. Be like Jesus and forgive her.However it seems to me a sit down and talk about it is in real order. And the temptation somehow needs to be removed. To ask forgiveness also means walking away from the temptation. It will continue to breed trouble in your lives if it isn’t somehow taken away. Adultry in the mind can be just as harmful. If you truly Love one Another you can work through this with God’s grace and even some Christian Counseling would be in order.

I’ve been throught this myself. The feelings of hurt were so deep that I lost my family because of it. In other words I tried to forgive on my own terms. Instead of asking for the Grace of God to sustain me and guide me.

God can help you through the Love that Jesus gave when He died on that Cross. And somehow you both need to come to terms with one another. Marriage is beautiful thing. It is God ordained. And He gives us not only spiritual tools to help. But He also gives us earhtly tools. Seek a good Christian Counselor and ask them to help not only in your marriage but maybe in your spiritual lives also. This balance can make a big difference. Jesus says My Grace is Sufficient for you. But we need to have Faith in the one that gives us Grace. Hang in there. God has a plan in your Life. Don’t give up just short of a Blessing that He may have in store for you. Michael B. in Kansas

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