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Diane Barnes

Hi bro! I think that by wanting to understand you are already heading in the right direction. Men and women think so differently. God surely made us this way.

What I have learned in 29 yrs. of marriage is…try wearing their shoes, so to speak. lol. I mean put yourself in their place to consider how things are working for them in the marriage…to be considerate of them…try to gain an understanding of how they feel and why they feel that way…to care enough to do that…to be open and ready to communicate on a constructive level…to agree to disagree sometimes…to be tender hearted toward them when they need it…even putting their own preferences above your own…it is give and take…sometimes I’m empty and need a refill…sometimes he is. I think if both spouses become selfless and become more merciful towards the other it starts to line up as what I think God intended marriage to be like…two halves making a whole, with Christ as true head of the marriage. Also, I found God has an order to this.

1. God …..2. spouse….3. children….4. ministry

I love thoughtful surprises too. Things that make me know he has thought of me and cared to show his love for me…in unusual ways. Gets to me everytime.

Also, forgive, forgive, forgive and then forgive somemore. Such is life.

Try not to ever take them for granted. Life is a gift not a guarantee…

Get inside her mind and see what makes her tick. She will appreciate it. That’s intimate.

Romance and intimacy are related…so many levels. I like the heartfelt stuff, like when he brings me coffee in bed, gives me a beautiful single rose or just some good ole pillow talk.

Well, I’m certianly no expert, but these are a few of my thoughts from my experience.

God bless you,


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