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Hi GG7

Let me start 1st by thanking all who thus far participated. I know I am not going to go to no pj parties with a bunch of dudes and get pedicures or any other cures either. I knew that getting in touch with a mans feminine side sounded weird, but I think because of what I have been able to glean from all of you so far in your responses I am comfortable to put it down in typed form for inspection.

So away I go ! To get in touched with ones feminine side is not acting like a lady if your a man, it is to be more understanding of the other sex. It is to love a wife as Jesus loves the church, it is to be flexiable and there for her, it is to be sweet and kind and attentitive to her needs. Am I hitting a single here at least?

Any how I can see how Romana would get the creeps from that though her being a lady she wants a man not a woman! But it seems esentialy yall are all saying the same thing. Hey thank you and I love you all!



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