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erin xxxx

I’m not married, but I think I know what the pastor was saying. You have stereotypical female traits and stereotypical male traits. There good and bad traits attached to both sexes… it just turns out the ones generally presented as being feminine are the ones like caring, tenderness, affection, emotional, etc. The stereotypical male is supposedly with less emotion, not supposed to cry, to be tough, and strong. I don’t think he was suggesting you take up tatting (making lace–my Dad actually does this) or quilting, or running around having slumber parties with the guys where you discuss pedicures and give each other manicures. I think he was just suggesting that there is nothing wrong with showing emotion, to try to be tender, and caring, and those sorts of things. Likewise, some women could take a page or two from men, and maybe try not to cry at the drop of a hat (no seriously I’ve met some women that cry over everything, I’m not saying one shouldn’t cry when their Mom dies or anything, but that maybe spilling water isn’t a cause for tears…), or they could try to be strong enough to open their own jars and such.

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