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I agree that men and a “feminine side” idea is creepy!! I think to follow what God said would make more sense to you.

Ephesians 5:25-33 is the best way to know how to love your wife. Think about it, the Lord Jesus Himself has equipped you to know exactly how to love and honor your beloved bride!!! Isn’t that exciting?

How does Jesus love His church? With what degree of intensity and devotion? That is the measure you must have.

How does Jesus treat His church? With respect and honor (and correction, if necessary.) So should you treat your wife.

Men and women were designed differently. Genesis gives us the earliest example. Men were to be the providers and leaders and women were designed to help and encourage. God’s design is not wrong, we are the ones misreading things. I drive my husband absolutely crazy some days and he does the same to me. But if we both placed each other’s wants and needs above our own, what a marvelous marriage we would have!!

It may be that we have deemed the “feminine side” of men to be the goal, but I believe God has a better word for it. Tenderness. God wants men to be tenderhearted toward their wives and compassionate in their manner. I have never held to teaching my sons that big boys don’t cry. I believe the best men are the ones moved to tears!! It shows tenderness and love. Jesus Himself cried! So how could it be a show of weakness if our own Savoir did it?

Paul, don’t be swayed in the waves. God doesn’t intend for you to be feminine, but tenderhearted. Let compassion and love rule your heart and measure yourself against His Word alone. We both know the world can come up with some pretty crazy ideas, but God’s virtues are strong, steady and unchanging!!


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