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Father thankyou for giving us power and authority to tread upon serpents and nothing happens to us, thankyou for 2 chronicles 16:9 foryou say your eyes run to and from in the world so you may prove yourself mighty on behalf those whose heart is loyal to you, father you say that we call upon your name and you will answer and show us great and mighty things that we have not known. Jesus you say that soon you the lORD of peace shall crush satan under our feet, Amen, for all this i say amen.Father the blood of Jesus Christ has redeeemed us and saved us from sin, it is through that blood that we have received all we have, LORD God it is through the might and power in your blood that we have received blessings and power and strength, Father i come against satan and his demons through the sons of disobedience, they are trying to steal from this family, they are trying to take their farm and thwart their farming operation, i refuse to let satan take what belongs to them LORD, father i destroy every evil plan that satan has got upon this family, i confuse the kingdom of satan by the blood of Jesus, i cover this family by the blood of Jesus, i speak power and authority upon them LORD, LORD i declare them winners over this issue LORD, speak on their behalf LORD, protect them and win the battle for them, i lay claim on all satan has taken from them-i say that all that be returned now in Jesus Christ’s name, my God i speak freedom from any form of satanic opression in this family, i speak your blessings,salvation,riches,joy,peace in this family in Jesus Christ’s name, heal them and deliver and restore and let them live to give glory and honour unto thy holy and beautiful and worthy name always.amen

in Jesus’ mighty name i pray and believe…amen

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