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Hi Nannrs, I saw your post and just wanted to say yeah, watching horror movies is a sin? Why? Because the inspiration for those horror movies comes from the demonic realm. Like you, I was a die hard horror movie fan. If it was made I watched it from Freddy Krueger, Hellraiser, The blob (new and old), Friday the 13th, Michael Myers, The Thing, Vampire movies and so on. But when I started living for The Lord I felt the Holy Spirit being grieved at the movies I was watching. I noticed I would have nightmares behind these movies. One night, I had dream these vampire bats were sucking my blood. Every time I would swat one away, another one would come back and start sucking my blood. I woke up and asked The Lord where are these dreams coming from? He told me, “From the movies you are watching”. It took a while for me to get delivered, but I am free from those movies. Once those movies get in your mind and spirit. Demons use them as material for creating nightmares and fear in your life. So people go through these periods of night terrors and fear. Not realizing it’s the movies they are watching which opens the doors for demons to attack them. A few Halloweens ago, I was having the same conversation with my best friend. He was Christian who was getting ready to watch the Friday the 13th marathon. He would not listen to anything I said and he watched the marathon. He told me the next day after watching half way through one of the movies a demon came through the tv set and passed right through him. He said it scared him so bad, that he quit watching the rest of the marathon. So basically, watching that stuff is like fellowship with demons. Okay hope this helps.

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