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Marcia D.

Dear Father God, Lord, we can see that there are so few people who are grounded in the word by the time they want to get married and can’t see what makes the big difference. This is one of the many very important reasons why this country needs revival and I plan on continueing to seek your path about this. I pray that Robert will be drawn closer to you and strengthened every day and that he will get the fellowship from Christians who are grounded in the word which he needs at this time. I pray that every hurt will be met with prayer and a confirmation from the word as to the truth and what Jesus would do. We praise you and thank you for the word. I pray that this woman will see her need to trust in Jesus whatever it takes for why shold the children have to choose between the 2. I pray, dear Lord, that the children will see the difference between worldly and godly thinking and that they will surely choose the right way before it’s time for them to make major decisions in their lives such as marriage. Continue to speak to their hearts and his wife’s heart until they all surrender to Jesus. I pray in His wonderful name, Amen.


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