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Heavenly Father

I lift up this man to you this morning and Lord I thank you that in his time of need he runs to you and to your word. Lord I ask

that you comfort him and send your Holy Spirit to surround him and minister to him today. Lord you see the pain he is in and you hear the cries of his heart. Father lead other christian men to him to help him thru this hard painful time in his life.

Lord we don’t always know or understand why certain things happen in our lives but Lord please let this man continue to seek your face and to continue to trust in you for your will to be done in his life. Lord help him to stay strong and to continue

to trust in you for all things. Lord I ask that you draw this

wife to you. Lord I ask that you send messengers into her life that can witness to her in a way that she will listen and want to make a change and give her life over to you. Lord I ask that

if it be your will that this marriage will be restored and will

be the marriage that you always intended it to be. Lord help

this couple and bless them and their children. Lord comfort the

children as their family goes thru this. Lord help them all now

and bring healing to each one.


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