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Hi Switz,

Sorry is the most inappropriate word to use at this time about your situation. This only goes to show us how unfaithful man can be to himself and God. God knows your pain and feels it too. Remember every day he goes through what you are going through in a magnified proportion. Only he can give you the grace to deal with your pain and grief.

One thing I know though is that he will use your experience to bless you later, others and to glorify his name. Though you feel betrayed by your wife and God, God will prove himself faithful and lift your pain away. Job didn’t understand what was happening to him, worse still he didn’t like it at all. He got bitter with man and God alike, but in God’s own time, he was healed. There is a time for everything. This may be the time to grieve but the time to dance is also coming.

Am encouraging you as a victim of separation but now God has healed our marriage of 10 years and it is the dream marriage that I had always wanted. My grief has been turned into joy.

God will carry you through at this moment when you need him most.

I will pray for you that God may keep your mind from being overtaken by desire to revenge and to heal your shattered ego.

May God bless you mightily.


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