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Diane Barnes

Hi James, As for leadership of Christians, the best I have found is the Holy Spirit. When He indwells us, He can teach us plainly all things. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit after His death and He did. He is available to all and is a most excellent teacher. He is full of wisdom and discernment…and freely gives it. By Him, God’s children will never be deceived by the voice of another, if we but listen.

Alot of people are indeed turned off to religion. I see how that has happened. Over zealous people with the wrong attitudes and messages of error has waylaid many. But Jesus did send the Holy Spirit, so there is an abundance of hope for those that have ears to hear.

God is still God and whatever will be, will be. If we, with a sincere, disciplined, tempered heart will be open to the spirits’ leading, can and will effect much good for the growth of God’s Kingdom. That is my very own “religion”.

May you find what you are looking for.

Love, Diane

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