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Christian G.

Hello Listener,

As far as I see it, and I can only speak for me and what I believe to be true. The world of “Christianity”, is already based on individualism. But that is one of the things that Christ intended for. But, that is each individual, walking out their life, with fear and trembling, for your own salvation, with Christ Jesus. This is not all about, I am right and you are wrong, which the world has created it to be, it is about, the Lord has shown me this and until “HE” shows me otherwise, I am to stand on what I have been given. And if you truly heard from Christ the first time, it will not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. What He has spoken, needs to still be alive today, within us. I am an individual from you, and you from me, but does that mean that what you say is right and I am wrong? Or vise-versa? I do not think so. I believe that there are many interpretations, but only one application. In other words, God may give us each and interpretation to one scripture, and both interpretations being different on how they pertain to our lives, but ultimately, in the end, is how we received the word, bringing us closer to walking a Christ like life. And that is what being an individual in Christ, is all about. We good sit down and debate doctrinal differences, with eachother and others, but is it remaining in unity? Does it edify one another? It is not about, am I right or wrong. The word of God, is really simple. And it will apply to anyone who truly seeks God’s face. And to those who don’t, being Pharisees and all. LOL. No offense to any. Well anyway, that is what I believe and any differences, I expect to hear back on and kinda eagerly await. Until then, God bless you, and just keep pressing in. Amen.


Christian G.

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