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Ryan, IdahoBecca, and Peter,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You all make great points.

Ryan, I agree with your thoughts on relativism and our culture. It seems the more secular we become, the more immoral we become. I have another question for you (or anyone, really). Is there any leadership for Christians today? I don’t mean for each version of the Christian faith. Is there anyone or any group which speaks for, speaks to, and /or shows all Christians how to live?

Peter, that is such a great point you make about the pope. Question (for Peter or anyone else): do you think people who are Christian but not Catholic look at the pope as someone Christ would not recognize, or does he speak for Christians around the world?

IdahoBecca, it seems that selfless service is a common theme in the life and death of Christ, and should therefore be a common theme in the life of Christians. As you imply, Christians must look to serve God and Jesus Christ to be living a Christian life. In this age of secularism, where people are turned off to the idea of religion, can we teach people to serve the ethics and morals taught by Jesus Christ without relating it to religion? Would that be a way to bring some morality back to our society?

Thanks again for discussing! I look forward to learning more of your ideas.

The Listener (call me James)

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