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Jim LaFlamme


“…I have a thought that I would like you to consider and maybe comment on. In regards to a “non-demoninational” church. I may be wrong but at some point, if you are gathering together in His name, having fellowship, studying His word, etc etc. then doesn’t the nondenominational church become in itself a denomination??? I mean how else did we end up with all sorts of denominations with the same basic doctrine but different intricasies? Let me know what you think.”

Myself and better half came from a hardcore, independent, Fundemental Baptist church. We now attend a christian community church, or if you will, a non-denominational fellowship. I think the difference is; instead of hitting people between the eyes with the meat of the scripture the N.D. church prefers to give the milk first. I find this to be so on Sunday mornings. However, we have what we call a “true believers service” on Wensday evening. There; depending on the pastor, is given the more indebt study of the word. Some call this “watering down the gospel” I call this unifying in the faith. Our pastor was trained at the southern baptist seminary; so his background shows a little in his preaching. However, we have people from all different and diverse religions who just want to know the truth. So we all cast off the the sense of Baptist, Methodist, etc. We find a deeper understanding when not looked at from a denominational point of view. Hope this helps, and makes sense to you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim & Linda

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