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Christian G.

Dear Lisa,

Well said. To comment on the non-denominational church question. If a group of believers gather, and share the same interest in Christ Jesus, do you think that they need a label to say who they are? A group of christian men and women, coming together in the name of Christ and truly seeking His face, is just that. A group. I personally do not feel that they become or need to become a denomination, to establish who they are. All they need, is what we all need. The Holy Spirit. For He is the one, who guides us into all truth and righteousness. Perhaps I am wrong, but that is how I have come to understand it. The life of a christian, is an individual relationship with Jesus. And you are right to say, that we must not forsake the assembling, one with another, but who is to say that it must be in a church? Why could that not be in a home or somewhere else? Why does it need a label, to say; “I am this denom. or that one? Just some questions. I am not sure whether or not I really answered your question, but I must say that I do agree with what you stated. Amen and be blessed, my sister Lisa.

Love always,


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