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Hello All,

This is such an intrigueing discussion. I think it takes a long time and heaps of study to gather even a tiny bit of what God’s will for us is. As far as individualizing religion I think that in some ways we are meant to have an individual “religion” (I hate that word). It should never be about anything other than what God is leading you to. When you are quit and listen and are studying the word of God then your individual truth will be revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.

In regards to leadership, I think when we are baby Christians we have to find someone who knows more than we do to sort of set us on our way to understanding. Anyone who claims to be a leader in God’s church can only be so if they are living according to God’s purpose. It is always about God first, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think its sort of sad that there are so many so called leaders in the church that are so far gone from the will of God that they lead other weaker (in spirit) people astray. We are all responsible ultimately for our own relationship with the Savior. When we arrive in His presence he isn’t going to ask us what we did that some TV evangelist or Pastor or Pope or even our spouses or other family member told us to do. When he hopefully says to us “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” it won’t be about anything other than how obedient we were to His leading in our lives. If that is constued as a personal religion then I guess thats the way it should be.

On the other hand, we are required to have fellowship with one another and to Love one another which makes it impossible, if we are obedient to that, to be completely on our own. hmmmm interesting. hehe

I have a thought that I would like you to consider and maybe comment on. In regards to a “nondemoninational” church. I may be wrong but at some point, if you are gathering together in His name, having fellowship, studying His word, etc etc. then doesn’t the nondenominational church become in itself a denomination??? I mean how else did we end up with all sorts of denominations with the same basic doctrine but different intricasies? Let me know what you think.

In His Love,


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