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Christian G.

Hello Listener,

I thank you for the kind words. And to answer the questions you asked, to the best of my understanding, yes, there is people who are in authoritive places, that people still look to. Is this right or wrong? I don’t really care either way, as long as God is the true head of that “religion.” But to many religions, take the word of God and contort it to their beliefs. I am one who disagrees with that, because we are to conform our lives, to the word of God. That is why He states. “Work out your own salvation, with trembling and fear.” Why is that an important question for us to ask? Simple, man will lead you astray, if God is not your main priority. I may be opening a can of worms with this statement, but I don’t think that the Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, Mormans or whomever you might say, have all the truth. The truth is readily accessable to us all, but to claim that Catholicism is the only true religion, you are completely decieved. (that is not directed at you listener) And that goes for any religion out there today. It is all about a personal relationship with God, and you are not going to obtain that, because of a church. You obtain it, by seeking God’s face for yourself. And there is no other way.

As far as, should this person that we look to be the pope? No, I do not think so. There are many men and women of God, who have been raised up for a time such as this. We have: Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Jack Van Impe, Paula White and the list is very long. How come it could not be one of these people? Why do you ask the pope? Because he (pope) is a well known figure? The people of today, who are truly serving God, we should or can use, as a stepping stone. But the foundation to Christian living, is you building a life with and in Christ. Any of these people can be set as authority figures, but does that benefit us? I don’t think so. We do need order, but only God can establish that order for us. And it is not about who is this one in God, or that one. So, no, I do not think that the pope, or anyone else, is to be looked at like some great white christian. Because we are all sinners. Amen. When Christ returns, and catches up the elect, then the “christians” who should have been seen as an example, will be gone and those left behind, will hopefully learn from thier examples. But to distinguish one now, I am not all for.

And last, about looking to ourselves, or any others, for christian leadership. We all need to trust the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. And learn to test the spirits in which one is speaking. Someone with the gift of discernment, 15 times in a row, may discern properly. Does that mean that the 16 time they did? If the person just thinks that, well God gave me the gift, so I cannot be wrong, they are already decieved. And that is the truth. Without asking God for the wisdom, you are already in the dark and in need of prayer. Praise God.

I hope that my response finds you some answers. If not, please write back to me and explain your questions a little more thorough please. Not to be a pest, LOL. Anyway, God bless and keep you. Amen.



P.S: I agree about the post from Diane. I loved it. Right on with your words my love.

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