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Jim, thank you for the recommendation.

Diane, thank you for your beautifully written response. Your words have helped me come a little closer to understanding some things.

Christian, I believe that you and Diane may be right in the end. One of the things I was wondering about was whether or not there is any human leadership that Christians look to anymore. Would that person be the pope? Do we all need to look to ourselves and the relationship we have with the Spirit for leadership? I think you wrote it well when you wrote about individuals living Christian lives and respecting differences with others. I’d actually love to hear what Ryan has to say about that.

Ryan, you wrote earlier that Christianity has “degenerated into individualism and relativism.” While I agree that relativism is not something positive at all, I wonder if that might be separated from individualism. I think Christian makes a good point about individuals needing to lead Christian lives, and applying the teachings of Jesus Christ to their unique situations. What do you think?

If indeed there is no human leadership for Christians to look up to, wouldn’t it be better for each person to take more of an individual approach to Christian living? If there is no human leadership, wouldn’t it be better to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, as Diane does, rather than follow another human’s ideas about how to live?



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