Home Forums Re: My husband and I need $2300. in 30 days

Marcia D.

Oh Lord God, You have warned us about so many things and if we don’t take heed to these things then we get into troubles galore. Lord, you have said not to be unequaly yoked. Lord, I pray Father draw this man to Jesus. He needs the Lord. He needs to see straight. He’s lost all good sense. Lord, I pray that you would hear Vicki’s prayers and bless her and help her now. Deliver her from evil and give her comfort and guide her and give her wisdom now. For her husband is not listening to the Lord; neither can he, for he claims to be an atheist. Lord, remind us to continually pray for this man until he accepts Christ and finds the Lord. I pray that her needs will be supplied. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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