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you cannot come from hell then go straight back- you know satan is a liar and he will use all trickery to drive you back into bondage- do not give him a chance, stop listening to secular Music- God is not secular but Holy- do not bring dirt in your relationship with God. Secular Music is not God’s, you know that there is the prince of the power of the air and he is the one who controls the minds of people who do not know Jesus, therefore He is the one who uses them to do this songs-he seeks to corrupt your mind and lure you back into sin- satan can be so sweet and if you are not carefull he will use this sweetness to accomplish his wickness purposes and he will use you- he will kill you,destroy you and kill you spiritually and he is also able to kill you even physically.

Pray so hard that God delivers you from listening to secular love songs- these are songs which do not glorify God who is worthy of all Honour and Glory foreve and ever amen- do not give into them refuse them and slowly by slowly the urge will go away,do not sit there and do nothing about it refuse satan and he is going to go away.

I had the very same problem i also liked slow,soft Love Music and even after i got saved i would still find that i wanted this Music and there were times when i would fall into listening- then i noticed that after listening my mind would be drawn to my past life -drifting from old things and before i realised i found that was drifting away from God so i said “if i want to stay saved then i have got to get rid of all this trash and what am doing is sinful before him and no mtter the cost i will never listen to secular Music ever again” and i said “Help Me God”- Men i tell you the temptations came but i stood firm on the truth and said “father i will not sing along, help me to block my mind from being lured into this music because i know it is not to your Glory and it is drawing back into my old ways.”

And know what i got detached from this music, i mean i have been delivered and now i cannot listen to it- there is a repulsion in me- infact i have the same thing towards Tv too i feel so bad if i watch things that are not godly on Tv and am losing frienship with some programs on Tv- i mean i just cannoy watch them – i say what fellowship do i (who walk in the light)have with darkness except to preach the gospel and show the world that Jesus loves them

Dee make sure you are ready for heaven every tickling second of your life- do not seek to satify the flesh and if Jesus comes you go to hell- hell is so expensive you cannot afford to go there.Jesus has paid this price for you, all you do is surrender unto Him and do all he commands do not be hard and refuse his guidance- be a person who can be anything for God- i tell you will see how hew your life will become. come and talk to mewe pray togther and God is going to be even more real to you- am talking from personal experience.

May God be with you dear one

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