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Ryan Post

Hey John,

I think it is the common view of Catholics and Orthodox. Together, we share an awareness of natural law in philosophy. God created the entire natural universe and behold, it was VERY good.

Everything has order, shape, colour, life, vibrance, harmony. The LORD assembled all with symmetry and design according to His plan and His laws. Natures are the properties inherent in all created things. Thus, a nature is obviously good since it is proper to a good thing.

These natures are all guided by laws which determine their acts. The laws of God are neither restrictions nor burdens, but simple reason and order. In a physical sense, we might speak of gravity or magnetism for example. These laws aren’t a punishment, but a force which establishes the earth and heavenly bodies as we know them.

The animal kingdom is also guided by laws. Saint Thomas Aquinas uses the example of the lion and the lamb. Ferocity, as a quality, is proper to the nature of the lion but not of the lamb. Nothing acts contrary to law or to reason.

When we see humans and their acts, we see disorder, chaos, disharmony, mayhem, absurdity, destruction, lunacy… acts which lead to decay. The new heavens and the new earth will bring to termination the process of our re-establishment within ourselves. Humanity will no longer be marked by these traits, but regenerated on the eighth day of creation, purchased by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Gibbet of the Cross.

In a way, it appears to me that some are looking for further disintegration within the universe. We must look for the integration of everything anew in the grace of Jesus Christ. Instaurare omnia in Christo… to restore all things in Christ.

Pax Christi semper tecum,


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