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Ryan Post


With equal respect I forcefully counter that you are wrong. I did not say that they are Christocentric (though in fact they are) but that they grow out of Catholic Christology. This is most especially true of our devotion to the Blessed Mother.

In any case, the force of my question pertains directly to the subject matter at hand. The Evangelical asserts that human nature is sinful and that human beings sin because of said nature. However, you also concede that Jesus Christ had a human nature. Jesus did not sin though.

Returning to the definition of nature, we agreed that nature is fundamental to what something IS. You put forth that the act of sinnning is intrinsic to the human nature. If this were true though, Jesus would have sinned. Either sin is not intrinsic to human nature, or Jesus was not fully a man. Which is it?

Yes, Jesus Christ possesses a divine nature. The divine nature of Jesus Christ within His person existed from all ages co-eternally with the Father and the Spirit.

If you mean to propose that the divine nature counterbalanced what would have ordinarily been a sinful human nature, then I believe you are in very murky Christological waters. I suppose I am trying to anticipate your line of thought though, since I’m not exactly sure why you asked these particular questions. Please correct me if infact you hold no such notions.



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