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Hi Sarah: Please understand, God is not hurting u. Often He will use our circumstances to get our attention. He does this because He wants to get a firm hold on our hearts. More often than not, we get ourselves into various situations that are hurtful because we chose to disobey the Word of God. May I ask -are you a “born again” Christian? Do you recognize Jesus Christ as your only hope of salvation? Have you come to Him in repentance and made a choice to follow Him? If not, first things first. You need to do this. From there you must begin to read your Bible to find out what it is that pleases God and displeases Him. Finally, if u r in a relationship with a non-believer than you will have problems. If your friend is a Christian, then he should not be leading you to intimacy outside of marriage. Learn to trust Him, Sarah, and make a determination to be obedient to what He will reveal to you. Can I pray …”

“Father, Sarah needs you at this season of her life. Please reveal your love to her. May she surrender her life to Your Son, Jesus Christ. May she serve you according to the scriptures you have provided for her. Father, I ask you to bring peace to her mind and to her all her relationships as she allows you to lead her each day. May she be strong in her faith and may she begin to live in the joy of truly knowing you. Amen.”

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