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Country Doc

A heartfelt and greatful Hello to each of you who have posted here. Thank you for showing interest.

It is heart warming to see the attitude of love, tolorence and sharing that each has shown to the others. That is truly what Jesus would have done.

What started out as “Mark of the Beast” has, not unsuprisingly, brought in to view additional related points tied directly to the “mark of the beast”. These points include; “the antichrist”, “the beast power of Revelation”, “the two witness'”, “buying and selling”, and “the third angel’s message”, and “the second advent”. If additional points have been missed, please accept my appologies. The afore mentioned points are probabbly not in order because of an old guy’s short term memory getting so bad that a shopping list must be constantly reread or items will be forgotten. Because of the importance of these subjects, and my inability to sit for long at the computer, I would ask your indulgence and allow me to compose my thoughts and notes before making a definitive response. Bear in mind that a “definitive” post will only be what the Holy Spirit has impressed on me. No matter what is said, each of you will have to study God’s Word to reach the same conclusions. Since there is the potintal for a lengthy post, it will be made in parts. A condensation of words will be used to keep it as short as possible without leaving anything out.

May God richly bless each one of you.

Your brother in Christ,


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