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Unfortunately, if it were as simple as “seeing” a physical mark, whether by the eye or a scanner, I really don’t think there would be many Christians that would be taken in by one of Satan’s greatest deceptions.

What would you say if I were to tell you that the “Mark of the Beast” is already something that Christians can readly idendify right now? Please remember that the Mark of the Beast is a product of the Antichrist. I offer some things for your thought and study.

Just a few observations on “THE MARK OF THE BEAST”:

A chip under our skin, on our passport, or a physical mark would only be of concerne to those who are wary of this mark as described in the book of Revelation.

Lets consider first the “chip”. A chip is a very physical form of identification. You would know when it was implanted. If it were to be scaned, it would reveal physical information. If a chip were to be required it would be one more thing that might be imposed on the population that would require more subserviance to govermental control. That in and of itself is very questionable. But we know that this “mark” has to do with the war between Christ and Satan.

Now lets consider “the mark of the beast”. The mark of the beast as given in the book of Revelation is a product of the beast power that is described there. The beast power must be a religous power or a power controled by religion because it “speaks blaphemy”. Blasphemy is something that can only be spoken against God. The “mark of the beast” is the oposit of the “Seal of God”. These two “signs” which are part of the war between good and evil, would not be of great importance to God if they were only a physical mark. After all God looks on the heart (the mind) and man only can see the outside of man. God does not need a physical mark. It is clear throughout scripture God is concerned with what is on our mind, our power of free will, as well as what we do, our actions. The Seal of God must be on the mind because the mind is man’s only way to comunicate with God. If Satan can take control of our minds then he can control our actions and stop comunication with God. Satan can only gain control over our minds by deception, false doctrin. If Satan can gain control of our minds it will be very easy to control our actions. Satan’s first goal is to control our minds. It is also true that knowledge may not control our actions. We sometimes say to our selves “I know I shouldn’t do this but this is the best thing to do for now”. Therefore even if we have knowledge of truth, we can still recieve the mark of the beast by our actions. Or in other words our appearent acceptence of the beast power’s deception. By either our thoughts or our actions we may recieve the mark of the beast. In our forehead, our mind, or our hand, by our actions!

May these observations be of help in understanding this most important matter. If any of you would like to explore this subject further I would welcome ANY questions. I may be reached directly at:

I will return with some other thoughts.

May God bless you and the Holy Spirit guide you as you study God’s Word.

Your brother in Christ,


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