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Hello Frances.

Madlyn Murray O’Hair was a formidable woman. She used her abrasiveness to deliberately offend and to make people question the sanctity of language. It did make her quite a character.

<<Sad because of Ms. O’hare personal character. It seems that those who where fellow atheist counldn’t stand the lady. Alot of people found her to be outrageously rude and one person called her “depraved?” I was taken back with the hatefulness of some comments from other atheist>>

I would suspect that those who said so did not know the real woman, nor her family life, and are choosing to…what?..placate the religious right by demeaning an atheist hero?

She pushed American Atheists into the mainstream anyway she could do it, and if outrageous interviews, such as the one on Donohue, were the best way to shock and awe the rest of the country into accepting that atheists existed….well, you must admit that she succeeded.

<<Although, they shared her belief that God didn’t exist they didn’t like her personally. I was wondering if anyone would share their thoughts on the lady and her bizarre disapperance an death>>

I honor her, I mourn her, I am angered by her murder. Her son who finally found some peace in becoming a christian, I feel sorry for because he bore the brunt of a childhood torn by the hatred of christians, and that is the main reason why I have often told atheist parents NOT to make thier children part of any agenda that they have with public schools, etc.

She has been replaced by another strong woman at American Atheist who toned things down a bit, especially after 9-11….but has now realized that behavior and request to keep quiet about the aftermath of religiousity has cost us greatly. Ellen Johnson is back on track, making atheism heard again.

There is an excellent autobiography of her and her children’s ordeal during the legal struggle …”An Atheist Epic” Even conservative libraies carry it. A profound reading, if you really care to know about the woman who became the most hated in America.

As all truly great leaders who seek to alter the status quo, she is more than what history reveals.

You may be surprised at your response to her book.


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