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Hi Frances.

I suppose one could find a number of people who worked with and were aquainted with …any person…and if one wanted to spin opinion a certain way, one could do it quite easily if not ethically.

Also, in her later years, I think she was slipping some, as many people often do…dealing with dementia, perhaps? There was some indication that she became paranoid and reclusive.

Picking on….hmmm, that is putting what happened to her family mildly, to say the least.

I was once in correspondance with a man who worked with Madlyn in the beginning of AA, and who still works in American Atheists. I suspect he would agree with the term..”intense feelings” when it came to those with whom she enteracted. But she was also an absolutely brilliant and exceptionally well read woman, and a mother who loved her family and her pets, and wanted more than anything else to live in peace, but for an atheist who made demands on behalf of other atheists at that time….well, she was allowed no peace, no friends, no neighbors…only hatred and suspicion and vandalism and murder.

You write:

<<After all catastrophes we’ve had Larry King was asking them their opinion on God or their lack of belief of God. Concerning the latter part of the post do you believe that 9-11 happened because of our differing beliefs of God?>>

Well, the fanatical muslims want ALL infidels/atheists dead…so I guess it certainly could be about deity belief. For them, America is the “Great Satan” and all Americans who are not muslims just like them are atheists/infidels and worthy only of death. They would much like to conquer the entire world in the name of Allah, and are doing so through terrorist activities. 9-11 was just the biggest and boldest so far.

Oh, wait, you mean what I said about atheists being still and quiet after 9-11…oh… I do not think a deity was punishing humans because humans have differing beliefs. Is that what you wanted to know?

<<Also have you always been an atheist and if not what led you to that path? I have read some of your post and I am just curious.>>

No, I have not always been an atheist. I have a blog here on Praize, and there are a couple of entries about my path. I think you can just click on the blog symbol on one of my posts and go there. But, if you want, start a new thread and ask as many questions as you would of the resident atheists here. I, for one, am always happy to let christians learn more about what makes me tick. I think it is good to learn about our differences, because sometimes we find that we aren’t so very different after all.

Many atheists were once theists, and in this country, that means…christian. My kids were reared as atheists, and my husband is a deist.

Good Health to you.


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