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the article seemed to interview a variety of people who where acquainted with her and to me I don’t know how one could get to know the real lady when she seemed just downright foul. Now, don’t get me wrong I hate that someone killed her and her son, I don’t approve of such violence. I also feel sorry for what her kids when thru when they were young because I know they were picked on by other kids. I know our opionions on Madelyn are different but I just found it interesting that other atheist had such intense feelings about the lady. I was wondering if this new lady named Ellen was ever interviewed recently on Larry King Show. I think I may have seened her on a panelist with some Christains earlier this year. After all catastrophes we’ve had Larry King was asking them their opinion on God or their lack of belief of God. Concerning the latter part of the post do you believe that 9-11 happened because of our differing beliefs of God? Also have you always been an atheist and if not what led you to that path? I have read some of your post and I am just curious.


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