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Dan Brazeau

Teen2mom asked, “Does love grow from respect and submission?…..or the other way around?……Respect and submission grow from love?”

A resounding yes! To both. They aren’t mutually exclusive in my opinion. I submit to my wife because I love and respect her. I love my wife because I submit and respect her. I respect my wife because I love and submit to her.

I love my wife. I respect my wife. I submit to my wife.

My wife loves me, respects me, and submits to me as well.

Interestingly enough, the more the two of us submit to Jesus, the deeper our love for each other becomes, the more we respect each other, and the more at ease we are to submit to one another. And the more we grow.

Hope this helps you in your quest to understand what’s taken my wife and I 13 years to learn and apply to our marriage. Through many trials and tribulations, I might add .

Blessings and love in Jesus.

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