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Noelle N

I actually was looking into this recently, and I am not sure I found a verse that says it plainly. I did, however, discover a wonderful Christian author named Elizabeth George, who does nothing but write about relationships, especially the married one. I have read three of her books, all dealing in some way, on this subject. She asserts that if you come to submit and respect your husband out of love (both love of God, and love of your spouse) and obedience, then you will be blessed with the relationship that God truly designed marriage to be. I put a lot of her stuff to practice in the flawed relationship of my marriage, and when I learned to submit (even when I don’t think he’s making a Godly decision) out of love for him, and a willingness to do God’s will, I could see immediate changes. I am going to look into this again, and if I find anything, I will email you personally. Blessings!

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