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LORD Jesus i love you for all this, father you knew we could never save ourselves and you sent Jesus, Jesus took all our shame,pain,anger,fear,immorality,debts,lack,lose,pain,hunger,rejection,and all the other vices upon himself and he died and rose again to give us a hope and future, Jesus knows us, He knows Libby and there is no one else we ought to run to but Jesus alone, he is our refuge and strenght,the strong tower, the ever present help in times of trouble, Jesus you know all Libby is going through and it just does not matter how she feels about herself,what matters is what you say about her,what is written in the book you wrote about her and your love for her-the Bible. so LORD i cover her by your blood and speak your Holy Spirit upon her life and everything that is called by her name, i overcome any sought of evil plan upon all that is called by Libby’s name,father you take over now, Holy Spirit i lay her at that feet of Jesus, she is all yours LORD take her and she is healed.


i pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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