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And what picture r u looking at, Rob? Why does Christianity and/or the beliefs of others interest u? Is it because something inside of u (deep inside) whispers “there is something more?” Atheism has been defined as a religion, so it is the religion of your choice. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, that is my step of faith. Let me ask u – if you wanted to know about a certain battle in the second world war, would u not seek out a history book that would enlighten u? So in the same way I follow my inner voice and it leads me to the life and message of Jesus Christ. Therefore in order to develop my knowledge, I must go to its source, the Bible. Don’t talk about Christians only restating what the Bible says, Of course they do. They believe the book! You can choose to believe whatever you like, but don’t refute the Christian message until you have some personal experience as to what it stands for and how it is displayed in the lives of its followers. You are young and seeking – at times u r probably radical, but I have been around for a long time and what was once radical becomes ultra conservative as the years go by. Probably you will continue on your path for some time, but I can assure you will never find what u r looking for. It is my prayer that you will consider, not Christianity, but Jesus Christ and His message. The claims He made about himself mean that either he lied to us, or was himself deceived, or indeed He was who He said He was. I chose to believe the latter. Blessings on you day and life. KingsKid

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