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Atheism has been defined as a religion, so it is the religion of your choice.

how is it a religion?

Is it because something inside of u (deep inside) whispers “there is something more?”

nothing whispers…i dont think theres a god…however i admitt there is a possibility…why wont i completely deny it? choice…not a little whisper…one of the problems i have with religion is the stubborness…the unwavering belief…the fact that you think there is no possible way your wrong and i hate that so i refuse to be like that and i except anything is possible even if it means i am wrong

So in the same way I follow my inner voice and it leads me to the life and message of Jesus Christ.

dont like this argument…even religous people call it “faith” so comparing it to a history book that contains “facts” doesnt hold water with me

You can choose to believe whatever you like, but don’t refute the Christian message until you have some personal experience as to what it stands for and how it is displayed in the lives of its followers

my best friend is a mormon…some might call her a christian…maybe not those on this board but some…but my point is i see how great she is and that it comes from religion and if everyone represented their faith like she does i would have a much smaller problem…i have some experience with religion and religion doing good things but i dont think that makes it right in any way

but I can assure you will never find what u r looking for.

i have already found what im looking for and jesus has nothing to do with it

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