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I will and enlighten your confusion Ken. What Demonstomper is trying to say is that Christianity as we know it today is not exactly how it is meant to be. There are several denominations and practices within churches today that cause a lot of distance between Christians.

However, Demonstomper believes that your One on One relationship with Jesus is more important. He is right.

It is not traditions of men that make us Godly. It is God that does. There is more to being a Christian than even a Christian realizes. Just because you go to church, read the bible, pray, and proclaim yourself a Christian, doesn’t mean anything if your faith is not in Jesus Christ. True yielding brings true faith. Undestanding brings enlightenment. And loves of Christ brings salvation. There is another level of believing that even makes spiritual and physical combine. Thoes are gifted people which God uses to combat evil.

And about not believing Ken, I can only tell you one thing. God is a few words away. If you ask him he will lead you to the Christ. Just say ” God, I want to know if you are real. If you are then show me. If I can feel you then touch me. If I should believe then prove it to me.” Do that and he will lead you to Christ some way or another if he hasn’t already. You can not know the father without knowing the son first. The sin in your life doesnt let God in your life. But he will bring Jesus in your life so he is able to see you sinless and send the Holy spirit to fill your body. The Christ is the key and salvation is not from hell. It is from being away from God’s presence.

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