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Rob writes:

<<a problem i have with religion…a major problem…is that i dont respect your beliefs>>

Okay, I can understand this thought, because I have respect for what kind of person someone is, rather than what they believe or what title they hold, etc. I understand how important one’s belief in a deity is, and I can be courteous towards them and their beliefs, and I can respect them as a fellow human, without respecting their deity or their religion.

And when someone says to me, “I respect your atheism, I expect you to respect my theism,” I understand what they mean, but I would rather they simply respect me, and let me respect them, and leave theism and atheism out of the equation.

I can respect the good people who work within religions to do good for all humanity without respecting their religion or their deity.

And at the same time, I can accept that others can respect me without respecting my atheism…my lack of belief in their deity.

He then adds:

<<gay marriage…i dont think anyone using logic can deny them that right but youll defend the sanctity of marriage when there already is no sactity of marriage and youll point to nature saying we dont see homsexuality in nature when desptie the fact that according to your own beliefs we are not animals>>

Let us all face the facts here…the sanctity of marriage is endangered because of heterosexual relationships not homosexual ones. I believe that marriage vows, whether religious or not, are to be taken with much respect, to be considered a very long term, monogomous union of two adults.

Why heterosexuals want to preserve the “sanctity?” of divorce and adulterous affairs and abusive family situations for themselves is beyond me? That is what is destroying the sanctity of marriage…and creating dysfunctional families which produce kids with problems in school and society.

And Rob again:

<<in spite of facts and reality a religous person will stick to their guns and dont get me wrong conviction is great, unless your looking at the wrong picture>>

And dagummit, we atheists will stick to our guns as well..”they’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands” and we think with all our reason that theists are “looking at the wrong picture” while they with all their faith are convinced we are missing something which they are privileged to see. We each are convinced that they other is wrong and feel a kind of pity for each other.

As for our President, we had all better hope that he wins the election and maintains the course he has set, or the world will suffer for lack of action against terrorism. I have no problem with conviction. I have a problem with dishonour…and that goes for theist, atheist, politicians or warriors.


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