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erin xxxx

In one fell swoop you’ve decided ALL people participating in religion, and it sounds like organized religion in particular, are the same.

I won’t argue I do know people that fit your description, but we are not all like that.

As to gay marriage, I really don’t care if they are married. That is NONE of my business. And homosexuality is observed in nature, at the very least it is seen in cows and primates. Usually it’s not lasting relationships though (how many species mate for life anyhow?).

Everyone defends their beliefs, even the athiests. Life is about perception, and everyone percieves things differently. I could draw a large circle with a smaller circle inside it, and ask what it represents. We’re all seeing the same thing, but one person might say it’s a donut, and another a wheel, and someone else may say it’s a life saver, and still another may think it’s eggs sunny side up. Only the person who drew it knows what it really means though.

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