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Those are very good posts about the homosexual issue. There simply are no biblical arguments for upholding sodomy. Such arguments come from the prince of this world, who wants to set us loose from any kind of moral boundries. Let me add something about the Latin for marriage. The verb for marrying in Latin is ‘in matrimonium ducere’ which literally means in English ‘to lead into motherhood’. So in the Latin concept of marriage, homosexuals cannot be married by definition.

If I may, allow me to pose a penetrating question to you. One of the problems I had with the Methodist Church was its form of governance. Specifically, I refer to the general conference. How does the Methodist Church resolve doctrinal and moral disputes? Basically, delegates get together and take a simple majority vote on the eternal truth. Conservatives are fighting tooth and nail to stop the inevitable, but hear me well. The time will come when the Conservatives lose at one of these general conferences and the Methodist Church will lift its opposition to homosexuality. When this happens, gay ministers and gay union rites are not far behind. I have talked to many Methodist conservatives, people I left behind in that church. No one wants to talk about it, but it is clear that time is running out for the truth. Surely you know this as well. It has already happened in the Episcopal Church and Presbyterian Church. It could be this general conference, it could be the next one, but eventually the moral structure of United Methodism will cave in. What will you do when satan claims lordship over the Methodist Church? When conservatives become a ridiculed and persecuted minority as they are in the Episcopal Church? Will you join a Methodist splinter group? What will you do?

I know this probably sounds harsh, but I am sure that you know it is true in your own heart. Don’t think I reserve my criticism for the Methodist Church alone though. Everyone remembers the recent sex scandals, how Bishops shuffled homosexual perverts from one parish to another so that they could rape little boys. A private investigator examined the USCCB and described them as a ‘mafia’. It is of such people that Jesus said, “It would’ve been better that they had a giant millstone hung around their necks and cast into the sea, then to corrupt one of these little ones…” Saint John Chrysostom said that the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of rotten Bishops. Nevertheless, the Church has infallibly proclaimed moral teachings. Not even the Pope could change Church teaching on homosexuality. Jesus promised that the jaws of hell will not prevail against His Church, and to this hope I will cling.

In Christ,


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