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I’m going to copy to you the contents of a conversation I had with a kid named jeremy on an MSN message board called teenchristianchat. This might be a bit impersonal, but I think it is a good starter, some of the same things apply to you

i’m going to be very open and honest, i’m 18yrs old and i’m still a virgin. i try my best to abstain, but honestly i don’t know how long i can go on. i know everything there is to know about sex, i have watch pornography, porn magazines, porn sites,i have masterbated alot, and i have a few wet dreams, i have indulge in sexual acts,and i have seen it live, i’m not boasting or anything but it had to experience all those things and still be a virgin. i wanna have sex mainly to experience it, for the pleasure and because my peers are doing it, even some of my christian brothers and sisters are having sex.i always thought that my best friend who is also and 18yr old christain virgin, would have been the one to keep me away from that, but these days the table have turn, he’s acting wild and not christian like, and i’m kind of not talking to him right know.

well my point is i wanna be stronger, and i wanna ask all of u to pray for me, and each other in the fight against sex before marriage.

u can also share u experience and your story,

holla back,


To Jeremy,

The struggle for purity is a long and difficult one. The important thing to remember is that if you really want to you can turn away from all impurity, but not on your own strength. Know that God is merciful and forgiving. So if you really want to be pure than you have to resolve right now to never do any of these things again -ever. Ask God for forgiveness and you will receive it. Pray and petition God for the grace needed to resist all future temptations. Determine to convert your heart fully to Jesus. The key is prayer. I, and hopefully everyone here with me will pray for you. If you want to overcome this though, you have to pray without ceasing. All sin is driven out with prayer and through prayer Jesus is kept ever at our side. If you stop praying even for a moment you have let down your guard. What has helped me is to think of God as my beloved. Fall in love with God. This probably sounds strange and carnal to many people but it is really the first step of the spiritual life. When we really fall in love with God then our heart begins to ache with love for Him who is everything. Put away all the sins of your past. As St. Francis de Sales said ‘Act as though all the past were nothing and with David say: “Now I will begin to love my God.” Another thing that will help you is to keep in mind the words of St. Paul who tells us in his Epistle to the Corinthians to view all younger women as sisters and older women as mothers in complete purity. This has really helped me at times, to try and love everyone with the love of Christ and cast away all lust.

By the way, I would also like to remind everyone here who might be looking down on Jeremy that Jesus said that if you even look at a woman wrongly you have committed adultery with her in your heart. If anyone here (other than the females) has never done this than I will instantly wire you $1,000 that I do not have. Why? Because everyone has committed some sort of sin in this regard (though by no means do I wish to say that the gravity of your sin is the same as Jeremy’s or anyone else’s). Therefore, pray for Jeremy, pray for me, pray for each other, and pray for yourselves (and I might add- may all of the angels and saints together pray for all of us before the throne of God). I’ll leave everyone with some wisdom from St. Ambrose

When we find ouselves in some grave danger {or temptation in this case} we must not lose courage but firmly trust in God, for where there is the greatest danger, there is also the greatest help from Him who wants to be called our ‘Help’ in times of peace and in times of tribulation.

In Christo Meus Dominus


Later on I told him

Anyone really interested in becoming a spiritual person soon finds that the way is very hard. The work is immense but can be overcome. Remember that all things are possible with Jesus, and remember above all else to NEVER DESPAIR. Keep in mind Our Lord’s words “Be not afraid”. We have to cast aside despair and be filled with the joy of God’s love. Keep in mind that despair is a sin against the Holy Spirit, because it denies the merciful power of God. Therefore, even if you fail, even if you fall back into your sins DO NOT DEPAIR. Know that all of the evil ever committed in the world by the most corrupt societies and by the most brutal dictatorships and by every sinful person is as a drop in the ocean of God’s mercy. Having been forgiven we must allow Jesus to bring us out of all sin and into the clear light of God’s perfection.

I hope all of that helps you. Maybe you would like to join me on another messageboard, it is called TEENCHRISTIANCHATFORPEOPLETRUELYINTERESTEDINCHRIST2 go to groups dot msn dot com slash the name I gave you above. Apparently this is illegal on the praize forums (giving site addresses or something) Hopefully you’ll get it though. If you don’t I can email it to you.

In Christ


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